Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2013... A Gamer's Revolution or Resolution?

A new year to venture into... who knows what this two thousand and thirteenth year will be like? Much the same as last year, maybe more fiscal restraints? We all seemed to have spent more than should have? More turmoil in the world... maybe a new war? Hopefully we can all just sit back and relax and let the dice fall as they may and just carry on with more important issues at hand... like games!

A lot of great KickStarter's that got funded "last year" are due to start streaming out over the next four months. Reaper's Bones - plastic miniature line, the revised/revived Marc Miller's "Traveller", to name a few. One can only imagine what new and awesome Kickstarters will rise for this year... will it be worth it to invest in? Maybe.

Pathfinder's success continues and the promise of a new MMO from them... hmmm, I wonder where this will take their 3.5 system. Yes, the ultra-really cool, super-deluxe edition Rise of the RuneLords (a Pathfinder adventure series), was expensive and impressive and will be hard to beat. Paizo will most likely find something to try and top it for 2013... must remember to not drink and surf the internet if that happens...damm, that's how I ended up with the super deluxe version.

More anticipation for WotC's 5th Edition of D&D? Not to mention the continued releases of previous AD&D editions, most notable the revised and updated "pain stakenly" Unearthed Arcana, with Dragon magazine errata. Second edition core rules being re-released and a few Third edition books. What I am interested in seeing is the First edition A & S module series being re-released in single volume editions... with added material. Maybe WotC can finally realize the value previous editions held and continue with the resurgence... I would go nutz...and most likely broke, if Greyhawk material was re-released.

Yup, 2013 has some real nice material coming out... will it last? Where will it go? How much more can get put out there? Thing is, the more role-playing games become developed and produced with all the peripherals, the more I consider on just returning to simpler times in my game experiences and curve my hobby to a single selection... one edition or game system to play with the materials I already have. When I had a tenth of what I have collected over the years, the gaming was good, sure it had its rule challenges, but that's what "house rules" are for. Further, aside from some real keen re-releases coming out... I believe I'll be severely curving my collecting habit and start developing more homemade materials... like I use too, so many moons ago.

On 21 December 2012, there was the silly panic of the world ending...again...and yes, I believe it has in a uncommon sort of way. For the world, the days as we had known them are no longer and like any "new year", changes will, are made. New games, new old games, new ways to use old games...

Happy New Year and Good Gaming.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

RPG's ...via Kickstarter?


Through the Kickstarter program now available for just about anyone who has an idea but shy on the funds to make it a reality, there have been some really interesting and enlightening new and new old releases... and some not so much.  A few of the more recent RPG's have really been impressive and the idea of being the first kid on the block with the cool new game and exclusive materials is a lure Kickstarter uses to obtain "Backers" whose amount of contribution determines the amount of appreciation loot one would get in return.

In this blog I'll introduce several that have caught my interest...

Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG

byJim Searcy

"A medieval role-playing game where men have to face fierce threats lurking in the dark." in its Kickstarter phase and from what I've read and seen about it, it is promising and I'm excited on trying the game out... if this happens, I'll most likely post a review here as well, however the game isn't due for release till March 2013. Several books are offered either in PDF or printed or both, depending upon the pledge level you can afford to commit too, in addition to art prints, character sheets, book markers, etc...  This particular RPG has fantastic graphics and an interesting rules approach. A most anticipated RPG for 2013.

Funding ends:Nov 26, 2012

Spears of Dawn

byKevin Crawford

"Spears of the Dawn, an African-inspired old-school RPG from the maker of Stars Without Number."
A classic D&D approach from the dark continent of Medieval Africa and reflective of the cultures.  A neat and beneficial addition to any RPG'ers collection.

Funding ended:Nov 8, 2012


Swords & Wizardry: The Actual 1st Edition Roleplaying Rules

by Frog God Games

"Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules is a simulacrum of the original edition of the 1974 fantasy roleplaying game written by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Now everyone can play this ENnie award-winning re-creation of the original rules without paying hundreds of dollars for the original  books."

For that Grognard in us older gamers... mind you this was even before my time, not much, but still a few years before I was enthralled with D&D.  But, like any gamer, I am interested in seeing whats out there and when a game comes along such as Swords & Wizardry, I just got to see it and step back to simpler, fun days... available through Frog God Games, the Kickstarter made it possible. I'm excited on seeing this game product as well. 

Funding ended:Sep 4, 2012

Red Dragon Inn Pathfinder Sourcebook


by SlugFest Games

"The makers of The Red Dragon Inn are bringing their experience with inns and taverns to a roleplaying game near you!"

Wow.  If you have ever played the card game "Red Dragon Inn", then you'll most likely enjoy this promising RPG supplement for Pathfinder.  Everyone's favourite hang out and source of adventure... the local Inn with a pub!  Flavourful NPC's, improvised bar brawling weapons, menus to sample local cuisine... it sounds like a good addition and "nice to have" for preparing a night of roleplaying in a typical medieval pub scene.

Funding ended:Sep 10, 2012

These games can still be had, just not through the Kickstarter program (unless its still running when you view this).  Because of Kickstarter, these items were able to be produced and made available thru retail markets if they attained there monetary goal.  I encourage you to spoil yourselves, go a week with food or tv, and pick up a copy of any of these inspiring and fun RPGs.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

All Hallows' Evening

31 October, Halloween, the day/evening before "All Saints' Day" or the beginning of winter, witch ;-) falls on 1 November.  Some fantastic historical material on this time of the year. The origin of the word Halloween is said to be Christian, however it's believed to have its origins in the Roman feast of "Pomona" (Roman goddess of fruits and seeds) or the Festival of the Dead referred to as Parentalia, also there is the Celtic festival for the end of summer/harvest season called Samhain.

This is the perfect time of the year for role-playing, costumes are the norm, and lots of candy/junk food.
Horror themed games is a must and my favourite and actually first AD&D game module that I played through was "Tomb of Horrors".  I ended going through three sets/groups of player characters, before, I was able to successfully find the Lich and escape (though only 2 of 8 characters survived, third time in).  It was this time of the year that we played and which only enhanced the experience. A great mod, deadly, and perfect for a horror set game.

Halloween promises a great time to be had for gaming.  I can remember Halloween's gone past and the great horror themed games... sometimes scaring ourselves as the ambiance of the game deeply enthralled us. 

On occasion there was the odd Halloween Party,  where we watched a horror movie (the iconic... The Evil Dead), then play a game of AD&D/D&D was the ideal way to spend the celebration.  

If anyone has memories they would care to share... I welcome it. What are you doing this Halloween? 

                                     Happy Halloween.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Fantasy Literature


Books. Words.
Fuel for the fire of our imaginations. 

This is a huge scope to be covered and it'll not even be dented here. 

For me there were several impressionable books... "Conan, the Barbarian" series by Robert E. Howard the surly barbarian warrior-thief who tramples the jeweled thrones of Hybornia ranks high and...

"The Sleeping Dragon" (Guardians of the Flame series), by Joel Rosenberg seated itself as well within my memory.  A group of college role-playing gamers who are "magically" transferred into their player characters in the fantasy world they are playing in by their proffessor who DMs their game. The concept and characters impressed me and story ran really well for the first four books.

There are at least another dozen titles by a dozen authors that could be listed, but these two are closest to the surface.

I am interested in what book first captured and made such an impression that to this day, many years later?, you fondly remember.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Great Podcast

In my opinion...
If you are an "Older styled" gamer who has been around the block a few times, and has yet taken the time to listen in on these guys... then I suggest you do.  They are gamers after my own heart and I look forward to the day when I'll be able to meet these guys at a Con or across a table.  Funny, insightful and bent towards a maturer audience. They not only discuss game topics but provide recorded play of selected game genre. Warning... mature language is used.

So check them out.  Try a few episodes. Feel free to post your "respectable" opinion here on what you thought.  Have you ever considered doing a podcast of your own? Do you? You are welcomed to link it here.

Gamer Season

Fall...or as my European compatriots say, Autumn.  As a young lad, when it got too cold and wet to venture outside, and the days became shorter, it was time to turn towards indoor activities.  For me, the Fall season means the start of gaming season, mainly, but not limited to, the pen & paper variety like D&D.

D&D has been apart of my hobbies since Oct 1981, and what a ride!  There have been so many great people met.  A lot of friendships made... and a few friends that will last a life time. Some friends have faded away into distance and time, a few have forged lasting bonds and we keep in touch. 

I appreciate books and games, and I am owned by them.  Like most people who share this fondness, I live for the time in my life when I'll once more be able to sit back with few cares, and be able to play and read what I wish, and when I like.  Until then I am content to bide my time, collect my scripted tomes and read and game when the opportunity is there.

This blog is for us "gamer types" of the "older" variety, however you younger lads and ladies are invited too... as long long as you behave yourselves  ;-)  to share "respectable and mature" opinions and comments on our game experiences, from days of old, current events or prospects of the future.

Welcome to my blog.

October (octo) the eighth month in the old Roman calendar is a magical and comforting time of the year for me. 

In early hours, a nice hot cup of Earl Grey tea... slightly sweetened, good book, heavy blanket and a favourite seat provide for an ideal moment of escapism. 

Upon the waning light of end of day, a nice hot and aroma filled beef stew, fine drink to wash it down, and the joyful company of a group of friends gathering around that sturdy oak table, soon to be populated with maps, books, and dice for an evening of adventure.

I invite anyone to share their most memorable gaming experience here, from the first time...